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We Are All in the Business of Connecting People
No Matter What it Says on Your Business Card 


Increase in productivity at the front-line manager level

3 year

Forecasting on effectiveness of talent hired with Predictive Hiring


Improvement in profitability with SRG solutions

Trusted by Industry Leaders Around the World

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We don't claim to have all the answers.
But we do know where to find them.

Do great salespeople become great sales managers? Are the successful management traits of women significantly different from those of men? Is three years of experience more or less valuable than ten? The answers are guaranteed to surprise you.

SRG offers 35 years of behavioral research, motivational insights, and real-world experience. No matter what types of teams you lead. No matter your industry or category, SRG will give you a clear understanding of the driving behaviors, and interpersonal dynamics that are essential building blocks or predictable points of failure for individuals and teams.

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We love research and data. 
Just not as much as real-world results.

Stronger human connections are the essence of everything SRG does. After more than thirty years of behavioral research our data and more importantly, our customers will tell you that stronger connections between people leads to stronger business performance.  


The who, where, and how of business is constantly evolving. And yet, year after year as we conduct studies to compare performance of cohorts with our largest customers we see clear and consistent results.


With the addition of millions of new data points every year, our data models continue to support proven success for day to day business. In fact, right now our Predictive Hiring process can effectively predict the three-year performance of any employee that we have recommended.


There is no better validity to our work than the stories of success from the business leaders, HR professionals, corporate trainers, and coaches we work with. And there is no better feeling than watching what happens when individuals, and teams, reach their full potential.

SRG's Leadership Team is made up of some of the most experienced and creative problem solvers in the space.

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