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What if Your Entire Team Performed Like Your Top 25%?

See well beyond a candidate’s resume, chemistry, or ability to carry a conversation.

Hiring candidates is a critical and valuable skill. No matter how experienced you are, SRG’s Predictive Hiring process helps you eliminate unconscious bias, and identify people who are most likely to excel in a given position. The simple and sure way to do this is to hire employees who mirror your top performers.


Before you hire a new employee you should know how likely they are to perform as well as your top performers. 


Our research has shown, that when companies use SRG and hire for talent, diversity happens.

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Standard interviewing practices that rely on matching a person to a job description are sufficient if you’re looking for basic hiring sets. Predictive Hiring helps when you’re focusing on what matters most—potential. 


The Predictive Hiring process starts by identifying and evaluating the motivating behaviors and characteristics that are unique to your current top producers. This system accurately identifies candidates who match the behavioral traits of your top performers rather than a long list of adjectives in a job description.


Predictive Hiring is a objective third-party interview process that is typically broken into three steps: 


  1. Identifying the behaviors of current top performers.

  2. A tailored interview that identifies applicants by desired behaviors.

  3. A custom interview that separates “A-players” from “A-interviewers.”

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We saw a dramatic improvement in incoming talent after we partnered with SRG for talent selection. They can give us a three-year prediction on new hires they recommend… and it has proven accurate.

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Identify and Mirror the Traits of Your Top Performers in Every New Hire

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