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Everyone has Questions, Some Definitely Get Asked More Than Others

Do you support large or small teams?

Yes and yes. SRG is accustomed to working with small teams all the way up to massive Fortune 500 companies.

Are your services in person or virtual?

Our product suite is available both in-person and in a virtual capacity. No matter your needs, accessibility, or comfort level with face-to-face interactions, our team is set up to meet you where you’re at.

I completed a Predictive Hiring interview, where are my results?

After you go through the Predictive Hiring process your results are sent directly to the hiring team or manager.

Do you offer non-profit discounts?

Customized packages are available for registered not-for-profit organizations. Contact us today to start building your package.

What geographical areas do you serve?

We serve clients in-person all over the nation. Our coaches are located in or near most metro areas. To connect with a coach in your region, fill out this form. Plus, we offer great tele-consulting opportunities. 

Can I try TalentProfiler™ for free?

The best way to appreciate the benefits of SRG’s TalentProfiler is to take the assessment for yourself. Contact us and someone will be in touch with you.

Who should take a TalentProfiler™ assessment?

Anyone who is interested in understanding more about how their unique combination of talents blends together. There are specific assessments for sales people, managers, and individual contributors.

Do you offer TalentProfiler™ specifically for leadership or verticals?

TalentProfiler is ideal for any employee, in every industry, at all levels of your business. Reach out to learn more about the nursing-specific TalentProfiler hitting the market soon.

How do I get my results for TalentProfiler™?

We email results to the manager and the employee within 24 hours of completing the assessment.

How long does the TalentProfiler™ assessment take?

20 minutes

Does SRG off group discounts on for teams?

Customized packages are available for teams, contact us today to start building your program.

How does SRG's TalentProfiler™ differ from other assessment tools?

Unlike some other companies, we understand that behaviors are fluid, so our proprietary TalentProfiler tool doesn’t confine you to a box. We offer immediate one-on-one consulting to make it easier and faster to put your results into action.

How do you ensure Predictive Hiring helps reduce bias?

Our interviewers are independent of all previously gathered HR data on a candidate.

We are a small company, will Predictive Hiring work for us?

Yes, we have customized packages for Fortune 500’s and start ups alike. Contact our team to get started.

How much should I budget for Predictive Hiring implementation?

 SRG offers varying tiers of support. Contact our team today and we’ll work with you to create a package that works for your team.

Is Performance Management a one-time engagement or ongoing program?

Both. We can tailor it to fit your company, but recommend assessments every six weeks to start.

How do I enroll employees in the employee engagement program?

To enroll your team in the employee engagement program, please fill out the contact us form, and someone from our team will be in contact.
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