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Coach Your Clients to See Beyond Activity

and Focus on Outcomes


higher talent engagement


increase in on-the-job performance


improvement in employee retention

SRG offers the insights coaches need to break through to clients

Aside from SRG's internal coaches, we work closely with clients to identify outside coaches and develop internal coaches. SRG has partnered with over 120 international coaches to improve the performance and culture. Our deep understanding of successful leaders and leadership practices adds immediate credibility and value to leading coaches worldwide.


We offer coaches a combination of organizational research, personal observations, and actionable next steps. These assets are invaluable as coaches work to guide thinking and make a positive difference for experienced leaders and high-performing “up and comers.”

Our products, consulting services, and software helps leaders:
Develop solutions to overcome unique challenges
Present clients with a better understanding of their own motivations
Provide ongoing guidance and measurable actions
Share critical insights about team and organizational culture

After working with SRG, I understand why Fortune 500 companies trust them to empower and embolden their sales teams.

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Do you support large or small teams?

Yes and yes. SRG is accustomed to workin with small teams all the way up to massive Fortune 500 companies.

Can I try TalentProfiler™ for free?

Yes, the best way to appreciate the benefits of SRG's TalentProfiler™ is to take the assessment for yourself. Contact us and someone will make sure you set you up.

How long does it take to launch a program?

SRG's solutions are tailored to meet your businesses needs, and we realize that timing is one of those. Our product suite can be rolled out within a few days of a signed contract and with some programs you can start seeing results in as soon as three weeks.

SRG’s behavior-based tools drive outcomes at every level.

Predictive Hiring

Makes sure hiring teams recruit more people who mirror the performers you count on most.

Performance Management

Trains leaders to develop and implement proven habits that create highly productive and engaged workgroups.


Allows leaders to see the unique motivations that drive individual employees and use them to increase productivity and collaboration. 

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