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TalentProfiler is the Most Honest Talent Assessment Tool

It's Also One of the Easiest

Building stronger teams begins with a better understanding of behaviors.

These days nobody questions that a culture of collaboration leads to increased innovation, employee satisfaction, and a broad range of benefits that can improve your bottom line.


The question is where to start.

SRG's TalentProfiler™ is a proven first step that Fortune 500's use to take teams and organizations to the next level.

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Unlike personality assessments and color wheel charts that change with experience, time, and even lifestyle, TalentProfiler™ gives you an actionable look at a person's core behavioral traits that are key to their motivation and performance over a lifetime.

TalentProfiler is a 20-minute online assessment tool that narrows a person's predictable traits and behaviors into five focus categories:

  1. Motivation

  2. Organization

  3. Trust

  4. Asking

  5. Understanding


Employees and managers then receive a coaching guide on how to use this new understanding of driving behaviors to build trust, improve communication with others, and impact relationships.

Instead of branding people with titles, colors, or numbers, get the insights to understand each individual and the vision to motivate differently.

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Our sales teams now have stronger client relationships, more accurate forecasting,

 and bigger deal sizes.


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You Don't Have to be a Psychologist to See How it Works

Other Leading Insight Tools from SRG

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Tap Into a More Human Way to Work

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