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Meet Our Management Team

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Benson Smith
  • LinkedIn

CEO & Co-Founder

 Benson Smith is an award-winning CEO, public speaker, researcher, and powerful change agent.  His professional experience stems from 40+ years in senior executive roles and is coupled with his use of positive psychology tools to help find, build and develop top-notch workforces. Benson brings a unique depth of insight into business growth from the top down.

Aimee Lyon_SRG Headshot.jpg
Aimee Lyon
  • LinkedIn

Chief Client Officer

Aimee oversees customer service, relationship management, and business development for SRG’s client services department. Her team designs and orchestrates tailored solutions for SRG’s clients.  Aimee works closely with Fortune 500s and startups alike to align sales force goals with overarching departmental goals creating business outcomes clients have come to know and trust.

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Linda Goa
  • LinkedIn

COO & Co-Founder

Linda is known for her sought-after ability to coach business leaders, offering a unique blend of executive acumen and behavioral analysis experience to uncover, define and capitalize on the talents and abilities of her clients and teams. She has been an aggressive and enthusiastic front-line business development leader and has assisted hundreds of individuals and businesses large and small to reshape how they hire and manage teams.

Picture coming soon!

Chris Lyon_SRG_Headshot.jpg
Chris Lyon
  • LinkedIn

VP of Operations

Chris’s background in operations and production helps to create an efficient experience for all of SRG’s clients. He’s known for helping both internal teams and businesses take their ideas and turn them into reality—with a focus on leadership, customer service, and communication he has been able to spearhead the execution of SRG’s most innovative and trusted product lines.

Featured Coaches

Work with one of our coaches to develop your team, define and

accomplish goals, and bring out the best in your people.


Rob Fonte

Sarto Leadership Group

Eileen Woods - SRG Coach.jpeg

Eileen Woods

Eileen Woods

Vera Leonard 2_edited.jpg

Vera Leonard

The Intentional Leader

Are you interested in becoming an SRG coach? Join our network of preferred partners. 

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