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There are Thousands of People
Whose Job is to Lead

But Only a Few Most Employees Would Follow


improvement in profitability


of managers feel their ability to lead has improved


participating leaders gain promotions within 1-year

SRG has helped people learn to lead for more than 35 years

Our unique combination of behavioral research, motivational insights, and real-world experience gives you a more powerful perspective on your teams than ever before.


We push on collaboration, morale, and team dynamics. And we unravel the complexities of managerial relationships. 

Knowing the individual aspirations that unlock performance and being able to nurture interpersonal connections between team members and managers are incredible advantages for any leader who is focused on building a healthy and aligned organization. 

Increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction 
Our products, consulting services, and software helps leaders:
Understand the motivations that unlock individual potential 
Introduce management approaches that help leaders get more from their teams
Improve productivity, satisfaction, and corporate culture

With SRG, we’re helping to ensure we aren’t using

2019 KPIs amid 2020 challenges.

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Can you support large teams?

Yes. SRG is accustomed to working with small teams all the way up to massive fortune 500 companies. 

Who should take a TalentProfiler™ assesment?

Anyone who is interested in understanding more about how their unique combination of talents blends together. There are specific assessments for sales people, managers, and individual contributors.

Are your services in person or virtual?

Our product suite is available both in person and in a virtual capacity. No matter your needs, accessibility, or comfort-level with face to face interactions, our team is set up to meet you where you’re at.

SRG’s behavior-based tools drive outcomes at every level.

Predictive Hiring

Makes sure hiring teams recruit more people who mirror the performers you count on most.

Performance Management

Trains leaders to develop and implement proven habits that create highly productive and engaged workgroups.


Allows leaders to see the unique motivations that drive individual employees and use them to increase productivity and collaboration. 

Questions? Let's get them answered.

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Thanks, we look forward to talking with you!

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