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High-Performing Teams are More Than Groups of
High-Performing Individuals

If you’re ready to bring out the best in people, SRG Performance Management teaches you how.

Teams function most effectively when leaders, managers, and employees share a clear understanding of priorities, resources, and goals. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. SRG’s Performance Management services teach you how to build programs that engage employees individually and as part of a team to create immediate impact and improve long-term performance.

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While employee evaluation and coaching is a top down function our experience is that it should never be approached that way. Time and again we’ve seen that better connections between managers and employees create better results.

Performance Management is a consulting service that provides both training and software to help managers develop and implement the habits that create more productive and engaged workgroups.

This focused format creates managers who are better equipped to:


• Provide clear directions and priorities to employees

• Facilitate ownership and responsibility for work

• Focus on individual, team, and corporate goals


Done right, what managers get are employees who are far better at managing themselves.

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Managing people can be difficult. Managing change makes it even harder. SRG gave us the insight and alignment to focus our efforts and replace uncertainty with a powerful sense of ownership and purpose.


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It’s Not About Top-Down or Bottom-Up. It’s About Meeting in the Middle.

Other Leading Insight Tools from SRG

Predictive Hiring

An interview process that helps hiring teams eliminate unconscious bias and zero in on securing new

players who mirror the organization's most valuable players.


An industry-leading online assessment that enables managers to see what makes employees unique and how to lead them individually to increase productivity and collaboration at every level of the organization.

Employee Engagement

A combination of state-of-today measurement and state-of-tomorrow consulting to improve

employee engagement and

drive cultural effectiveness.

Tap Into a More Human Way to Work

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