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Of Any Department, HR Understands the Value of Deeper Human Insights


more effective than internal candidate screening


higher employee engagement


increase in diverse leadership position hiring

SRG supports HR teams at every stage of the employee journey

Our experience helping HR departments to hire, train, engage, and retain employees has contributed to the successful growth of mid-sized to large healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing businesses worldwide.

Starting at the interview process, SRG ensures you have the insights and tools you need to support success across the employee journey. We partner with you to make sure that each employee is on a path to success. Not only as an individual performer but as an active team collaborator and a contributor to your overall culture.

Our products, consulting services, and software helps leaders:
Reduce unconscious bias from the interview process
Introduce management skills that help leaders get more from their teams
Understand the inspirations and motivations of team members
Successfully identify candidates who mirror top performers

People change personally and professionally. SRG uncovers the deep and consistent motivational forces that drive a person and make them a good fit.

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How do I enroll employees in the employee engagement program?

To enroll your team in the employee engagement program, please fill out the contact us form, and someone from our team will be in contact.

How do you ensure predictive hiring helps reduce bias?

Our interviewers are independent of all previously gathered HR data on a candidate.

Are your services in person or virtual?

Our product suite is available both in-person and in a virtual capacity. No matter your needs, accessibility, or comfort-level with face to face interactions, our team is set up to meet you where you’re at.

SRG’s behavior-based tools drive outcomes at every level.

Predictive Hiring

Makes sure hiring teams recruit more people who mirror the performers you count on most.

Performance Management

Trains leaders to develop and implement proven habits that create highly productive and engaged workgroups.


Allows leaders to see the unique motivations that drive individual employees and use them to increase productivity and collaboration. 

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