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So the Survey Scores Take Care of Themselves

SRG Employee Engagement Programs Improve People

There are lots of measurements for morale. 
What you also need is a trusted way to build it.

Measuring vague, company-wide initiatives, no matter how frequently, does little to help managers affect change within their specific groups. By nature, employee issues and engagement scores are different from time to time and team to team.


The more you measure employee engagement the less reliable data you collect becomes, this often send management in the wrong direction.


SRG's Employee Engagement survey and consulting programs go beyond traditional engagement data and provide custom action steps managers can use with their specific teams.

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Employee engagement surveys of yesterday would give you a glimpse into what employees were feeling at the moment they took it. Our research showed that the data was too high-level and employees predicted the questions and necessary answers, which created unactionable engagement data.

SRG's Employee Engagement programs focus on delivering a clear snapshot of what’s going on in a particular manager’s group at a particular moment in time. The program also provides the C-suite with a health report of the organization and call out the specific action areas for improvement.


We then partner those data points with an actionable path forward. The plans are easy for executives to roll-out and intuitive for front-line managers to implement. 

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For a long time it seemed as if we were asking employees how they felt just to measure, and SRG helped us break out of  simply measuring, and focus on doing.

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It's Not About the Data. It's What You Get Out of it That Counts.

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An industry-leading online assessment that enables managers to see what makes employees unique and how to lead them individually to increase productivity and collaboration at every level of the organization.

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