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Are Workplace Talent Assessments Right for Me?

Talent assessments used in the workplace are generally utilized to get a deeper look at who people are and what drives them. When you’re in the process of hiring, using a talent assessment tool allows you to understand if and how well a potential hire will fit into your company culture.

When used for existing employees, you’re able to learn how everyone’s work can be optimized. You can build practices based on the individual that yield greater results, create bonds and build trust among your team, and learn to more efficiently navigate communication styles.

So, how do you know if using a workplace assessment tool is right for your team/group?

Understanding the behavior of your team goes much deeper than traditional personality tests, which can grow and change over time. Talent assessment tools look directly at the individual and provide insight into their core beliefs and motivations. Research has also shown that employing the right talent assessment can lead to an increase in productivity, cost savings, and employee retention.

There are countless tests and tools out there but TalentProfiler™, developed by the SRG team, gives detailed insights into every individual on the team and provides you with the tools to properly motivate them, based on their results.

When SRG first created the talent assessment, TalentProfiler™, we began by looking at the most predictable characteristics of a person’s behavior. We were able to identify five top areas of focus:

  • Motivation

  • Organization

  • Trust

  • Asking

  • Understanding

From these areas of focus, we found 31 themes. While our unique talent assessment is not an all-encompassing personality quiz, it does help employers identify their teams' strengths, areas for growth, and ways in which their team members are most reliable and progressive.

Some of the benefits that have been seen by employees using SGR’s TalentProfiler™ include:

  1. Improved collaboration – Teamwork has excelled and allowed for more innovative ideas

  2. Engaged workforce – Teams are more involved when their specific talents are being fostered

  3. Increased productivity – Teams have higher yields when their focus is understood

Is using TalentProfiler™ right for your team? Absolutely. When you use TalentProfiler™ you are efficiently and effectively learning how to motivate each member of your team, you learn how to organize your workload and flow to maximize outcomes, you build trust between your teams and management, and you learn how to communicate in a more effective and meaningful way. What you’re ultimately doing when you use a talent assessment tool is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your team: you’re committing to understanding them and building a deeper relationship with them.


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