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When morale goes up so does productivity. And when morale goes down so does productivity.

Employee attitudes correlate to a variety of key business indicators, such as: productivity, profitability, employee retention and customer attachment. And, engaged employees are more customer-focused, profit-conscience, supportive of co-workers, and loyal to their organization. They have an emotional bond to their company and when given a choice, they will conduct themselves in a way that furthers the organization’s needs. While we all know anecdotally that lackadaisical employees can be bad for business, studies actually show that disengaged employees can truly erode the attachment customers feel for your organization.

In contrast, higher incidents of employee engagement often indicate improvement in customer attachment...customer’s view your organization more favorably when they work with more engaged employees. Our research shows that employee engagement is largely affected at the local manager level, rather than the company level. So your managers truly hold the key to customer satisfaction.

Improving the engagement of your workforce in tangible areas like productivity, profitability, employee retention and customer attachment, is something that can be accomplished with training and coaching. And providing individual managers with the information they need to create the best plan to improve engagement within their group is key to creating real change within workgroups. Vague, company-wide initiatives are a thing of the past.

Effect change where it makes a difference: at the local level. On your floor. In your department. With your employees.


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