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What would your company look like if everyone who worked there performed like your top 25%?

Would productivity go up? Or profits? Of course they would because the top 25% of your workforce is more than twice as productive as your average performers and four times as productive as your poor performers.

Why then do companies hire average or poor performers? The simple reason is because

they are unable to distinguish them from the best performers during the hiring process.

Traditional hiring processes routinely fail to single out the best potential candidates. This is in large measure because too much consideration is given to seemingly important criteria such as experience, education, or “chemistry”.

As it turns out, these factors are not predictive of superior future performance. You can prove this for yourself. Compare your best performers to your average performers.

  • Are the best performers the most experienced?

  • Did they get the best grades in school?

  • Are they the most friendly?

Our research shows that you will likely answer “no” to each of those questions.

SRG has conducted numerous studies with Fortune 500 companies to discover the real difference between exceptional performers and their average counterparts. It is never their experience or background that makes them the best.

Top performers have unique combinations of talents that help them interact with others in a way that leads to success.

Let’s make a change in the way your organization hires employees. Start with SRG’s Predictive Hiring and see how quickly your perspective can shift with regards to what makes a “good hire”.


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