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How do you transform your organization from good to great?

The simple and sure way to get there is this: Every time you hire a new employee, hire people who have the same talents as your best performers.

The exact nature of the talent differences in top performers are role specific. In other words, a great software salesperson will have a unique set of talent combinations as compared to those of a great pharmaceutical salesperson. And, a great manager’s talent combinations may be quite different than those of a great salesperson.

SRG predictive hiring begins with pinpointing the differences and unique talents of your top performers compared to your bottom performers. This data is then used to create interviews that will detect these same differences and talents in your applicants during the selection process.

Over time, this method has proven itself to be the most accurate way to choose people with the potential to excel. This is because the selection profile is based on your own most successful people. For each role, the model will be different. This is one reason why generic profiling rarely produces successful results— it is not targeted to your role requirements.

In most cases, SRG delivers two distinct interviews. A brief online interview is created to sort through all applicants and identify those with the highest potential. This initial process allows you to focus your time and money on applicants with the most potential.

For the final selection, SRG creates an in-depth interview to help identify the very best of your remaining applicants. Ready to make a change in the way you hire?


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