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Talent Profiler

Focus on what is important to people.

Psychologists have identified over 18,000 different personality characteristics. Numerous personality assessments are clearly available, however, there is no assessment that will look at all 18,000 traits. When SRG developed TalentProfiler, we focused on what the most important things are to understand about yourself, rather than try to narrow down which of the 18,000 traits best fit you.

We started by looking at the most predictable traits around someone’s behavior and which resulted in five categories (Motivation, Organization, Trust, Asking, and Understanding) of focus. From those five categories, 31 talent themes emerged. TalentProfiler is not intended to be a complete overall personality assessment, there is no such thing, but instead touches on those areas that show themselves (when there is intensity around the 31 themes) to be predictable and buildable.

By using TalentProfiler, you can quickly identify the best way to motivate a person, discover how one can organize their work to achieve excellent results, build trust, ask for commitments, and the best way to communicate with others. It’s understanding the person that can really have the greatest impact on the individual and your relationship with them.


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